Vacaciones con Estilo Mexicano: Time Off for Workers in México

Are you a foreigner working in Mexico? If so, understanding your labor rights is key to a fulfilling work-life balance. Let’s talk about one of the most essential aspects: vacation time. In Mexico, it’s not just a perk—it’s a right protected by the Federal Labor Law (LFT). Here’s what you need to know.

Exploring the Workday System in Mexico: A Detailed Look – Part 2

From flexible schedules to extended work hours, we explore key aspects, emphasizing the importance of understanding rights and compensation, such as Double and Triple Overtime in Mexico. Learn about worker consent, legal considerations, and the sensitive nature of managing extended hours. Discover how this knowledge can improve your work experience in Mexico, promoting a successful and balanced career path.

December in Mexican Companies: Key Tasks

December is pivotal for Mexican businesses, marking fiscal closure and crucial tasks. Understand financial closure, tax obligations, Aguinaldo, and fiscal planning for the coming year. As an integral part of the team, grasp the importance of budget reviews, work plans, KPI closures, and be mindful of mandatory rest day on the 25th. Your awareness and participation contribute to the company’s success in the new fiscal year.

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