Termination of Employment: Basic Guide, Part 3

Continuing with the causes that justify dismissal without the employer’s responsibility, we will learn about three causes of justified dismissal for intentional material damage during work, for serious damage due to negligence without intent and for compromise of safety due to recklessness.

Termination of Employment: Basic Guide, Part 2

Know the causes that justify dismissal without responsibility of the employer due to employee misconduct, including acts of lack of integrity, violence, threats, insults and mistreatment. Causes II, III and IV are explained, and the types of evidence that employers can require to justify dismissal.

Termination of Employment: Basic Guide, Part 1

First part of the basic guide on labor termination in Mexico, centered on Articles 46 and 47 of the Federal Labor Law. It focuses on the termination of the employment contract without liability for the employer, explaining this concept and providing examples of justified causes for termination.

Workplace Violence: The Urgent Need for Policies and Support for Victims

Workplace violence poses significant challenges for Mexican businesses, impacting safety, productivity, and talent retention. Clear policies, victim support, and disciplinary measures against aggressors are essential. Collaboration with external resources and continual policy review enhance the effectiveness of creating a safe and healthy work environment. Embracing these strategies is crucial for Mexican companies to navigate and prevent workplace violence effectively.

Love in the Office: 10 Challenges of Falling in Love in Mexican Companies

Explore the complexities of workplace romance in Mexican companies this February. From conflicts of interest to communication hurdles, this post highlights the unique challenges employees face when love intertwines with the professional sphere. Gain insights into navigating these dynamics, ensuring a delicate balance between personal relationships and workplace professionalism.

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