Public Holidays in Mexico: Origin, Meaning, and Precautions

In Mexico, holidays are more than just breaks; they have a deep historical and cultural significance. Understanding their origin and how they impact companies and workers is essential to ensure efficient management during these periods. Learn more about holidays in Mexico, how they affect banking services, and the precautions companies should take to ensure smooth operations.

Termination of Employment: Basic Guide, Part 2

Know the causes that justify dismissal without responsibility of the employer due to employee misconduct, including acts of lack of integrity, violence, threats, insults and mistreatment. Causes II, III and IV are explained, and the types of evidence that employers can require to justify dismissal.

December in Mexican Companies: Key Tasks

December is pivotal for Mexican businesses, marking fiscal closure and crucial tasks. Understand financial closure, tax obligations, Aguinaldo, and fiscal planning for the coming year. As an integral part of the team, grasp the importance of budget reviews, work plans, KPI closures, and be mindful of mandatory rest day on the 25th. Your awareness and participation contribute to the company’s success in the new fiscal year.

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